March 8, 2020 2:28 pm by content team

The largest superyacht manufacturer in Mainland China, Heysea has launched its second major project of the year- Asteria 126. Her launching will make 2020 a monumental year in Heysea’s second decade.

In the first decade (2007-2016) of the business, Heysea focused on producing yachts from 60ft to 108ft, where the bestseller Heysea 82 sold over 20 fleets.By building yachts steadily over a decade, Heysea was gradually developing its competency. At the beginning of 2017, Heysea switched its attention to produce larger toys from 100ft to 150ft, and more than 90% of its sales in 2019 came from fleet longer than 100ft.

In 2020, Heysea showed its incredible ability to develope and manufacturing luxury superyachts, finished the development and launched three luxury superyachts in the same year. Launching the first Asteria 116 in January, the first Asteria 126 in February, and the first Asteria 142 in the midsummer.  Heysea is now capable to accomplish the most unique designs and the most brilliant ideas. The capability of researching and developing a project in such an efficient manner defended Heysea’s title as ranked 12 on the world’s superyacht manufacturers’ list and remain crowned in mainland China.


Asteria 116(US version)

Asteria 142

Superyacht Asteria 126 inherited the concept of dynamic fluidity from the Asteria family. When long-distance traveling came to your mind, you never want to look away from her. She can carry you and your family up to 1200Nm away from the dock.

During the trial run, the owner and the testers have closely experienced her Cruising speed of 20kn, her extreme stability, and her endurance against the wave. The source of power came from 2 Caterpillar 1925 HP diesel engines. She is preparing to cleave through the wave until the place you destinated. Toughness isn’t the only thing Asteria 126 offers, this knight of the sea also provides her master a territory of joy.

Asteria 126 loads well-designed leisure facilities and a fully armed kitchen, gives you the freedom to enjoy life your way even at the wildest destination. Your living room is decorated with 270° French windows for an immersive marine experience. Don’t forget to start your adventure on the 25ft width of private space and enjoy the latest entertainment technology. When the tide ends, it becomes your private beach club.


About a month, the 126ft floating artifact will meet her first owner. Wherever your will is, Asteria 126 always makes the sea your backyard.